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      Trouvez la monture solaire la plus adaptée à votre pratique sportive

      When taking part in mountain sport activities your eyes are affected by more intense UV rays due to the altitude. Discover how to choose sunglasses adapted to the mountain.

      Tout savoir sur l'oeil humain - Orao

      Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, kitesurfing, cycling or even running, choosing the right sunglasses is crucial to protecting your eyes. Whenever you do sport, don't forget to wear a suitable pair of sunglasses. This goes for you and especially for your children.

      UV  : protect your eyes from dangerous sun rays

      We are exposed to UV radiation throughout the day. The skin isn't the only part of your body that can be weakened by such radiation. Your eyes also have a limited resistance to the sun.


      Sunglasses ORAO

      Sport must be experienced. To experience it to the fullest, you must be able to hear, touch, feel, and SEE. Orao Eyewear is driven by this belief.


      The eyes are fragile, precious and unique. They are essential. At Orao, we are dedicated to protecting them.


      That's why we have created and designed sunglasses that stand up to any outside elements that the eye is faced with. Sunshine, wind, rain: a whole variety of challenges that our eyes must deal with on a daily basis.