How to pick a pair of binoculars ?

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Are you wanting to buy a pair of binoculars but don't know which ones to pick? Check out our tips to help you make a well-informed choice. 


> Different binoculars for different uses


Binoculars are very useful in several different situations. In nature, for bird watching, observing flora, and star gazing. Your children will enjoy using them to explore and discover the world around them. 
On trips, whether hiking, at sea, or in the mountains, our lightweight and ultra-compact Orao binoculars can be easily carried in your backpack. 
Depending on your intended use, the zoom factor and weight are key factors. The difference in price between different binocular models is generally related to the zoom factor and their ease of use. Some models have adjustment settings and/or are water resistant. We recommend you choose the pair that fits your needs best. 

Colour Orao binoculars, without adjustment settings, are designed for hikes and recreational use. They are very lightweight and very easy to use, and come in bright colours which children will enjoy.


> By the numbers: understanding the zoom factor and lens on a pair of binoculars


When it comes time to decide which binoculars to buy, you should pay attention to 2 important numbers that define each model's performance. These indicators tell you the zoom factor and diameter of the lenses. Using, for example, a pair of binoculars bearing the following marking:




The first number, 10, indicates the zoom factor of the binoculars. The zoom factor makes distant objects appear larger. If you look at a distant object through the binoculars, the object observed will appear 10 times closer than with the naked eye. 



The second number, 25, indicates the lens diameter. The higher the number, the larger the field of vision and the more light is captured by the lens, providing a better and clearer view. Take note! The greater the diameter, the heavier and bulkier the binoculars. 
At the same zoom factor, the quality of the picture will be better with a larger diameter as more light enters the lens. 



> What settings do you need on a pair of binoculars? 

Certain binoculars have an adjustment mechanism in the form of a wheel in the middle (above the nose). 

Furthermore, some binoculars have a dioptric adjustment (a device which allows you to adjust the focus of the lens to match the user's vision); this allows you to compensate for differences in vision between your right eye and your left eye. We recommend this type of adjustment if you wear eyeglasses. 

The Orao 6x25 FIXed FOCUS binoculars include an adjustment mechanism that comes with a factory preset. No adjustment is required to observe an object from a minimum distance of about ten metres. This mechanism is very easy to use, making it ideal for children. 

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