Protection et santé des yeux

Eye protection and health

It is essential to protect your eyes from harmful sunlight. Discover some tips from Orao!

Choosing the right sunglasses

Find the most suitable glasses for your sport using our guide

Care instructions

Here is our advice for protecting, cleaning, and storing your glasses!


Whether you prefer the mountains or the seaside, or are both a biker and a runner, ORAO can protect you! Optimal eye protection allows you to practice your sport in the best conditions, to have fun in complete safety. To do so, ORAO teams and health professionals provide you with all their advice and help you to make each one of your sports outings a unique experience!


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UV  : protect your eyes from dangerous sun rays

We are exposed to UV radiation throughout the day. The skin isn't the only part of your body that can be weakened by such radiation. Your eyes also have a limited resistance to the sun.

The lens category indicates the light that reach your eye

You will have noticed the number found on sunglasses indicating the lens category but you don't really know what it corresponds to. Orao will explain the different numbers here.

Trouvez la monture solaire la plus adaptée à votre pratique sportive

When taking part in mountain sport activities your eyes are affected by more intense UV rays due to the altitude. Discover how to choose sunglasses adapted to the mountain.